Virtues & Mission

Our Mission

Kemper House is a way of caring for memory impaired older adults through residential long-term care.  The mission of Kemper House is to significantly advance the methods and practices of long-term dementia care.  The community of Kemper House is bound together by a passion to create a life for our residents, families, and employees, which affirms the innate dignity of persons, fosters the innovative expression of compassion and pursues the infinite worth of each moment.

Our Vision

To be the most inspiring dementia care on earth

Our Virtues

Humble, Hungry and Smart

We create a unique culture by hiring for heart and leading with love. We measure heart by hiring individuals who are people-smart with a high emotional IQ, overuse the word "love", create an environment that breeds greatness, make a difference, build the family advantage, take initiative, resourceful, commit to lifelong learning and commit to a life of healthy living.


Check out this powerful song that speaks to our passion for care and community:

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