Have you ever felt a cold coming on and taken steps to try and keep it from getting worse? With our residents, the signs of health stressors can be so slight, that it is important to be proactive and address them early. This is why Kemper House Worthington is providing a Telehealth platform including 24/7 video conferencing with doctors from around the nation to offer the best care possible.

The system is twofold. First, to help our Kemper House Worthington team provide optimal care, we use non-invasive, wireless medical devices to get an extensive health screen and baseline for each resident that is scored and monitored as part of our healthy living program. A Telecart assists our care team in bringing the latest in health and wellness scanning and monitoring conveniently to our residents anywhere in the building. From there, we monitor incremental changes, allowing us to be proactive when any deviations may show. Monthly, weekly, or even daily bio-screening is possible and prescribed appropriately by our care team. Wireless Bluetooth medical devices provide a real-time health snapshot of each resident representing important health parameters that help our care team proactively keep our residents in normal vital ranges before external symptoms are noticeable. This helps us avoid preventable hospital and emergency room visits.

Second, we use 24/7 video access to physicians to provide immediate care to each resident without the hassle and challenges of travel. Keeping our residents healthy, comfortable, and in our home is the main goal of this platform.

By being proactive and flexible, we strive to give our residents the best care Kemper House Worthington can offer.