Memory And Music

The power of meaningful melodies on the brain can help bring you back to incredible memories and reduce anxiety. The research and practical applications agree, bringing music that you love with you can have a profound impact on your quality of life.

Blue Willow

Each resident and staff member at Kemper House Worthington is given a bracelet allowing us to keep track of where they are in realtime. Geo-fencing allows us to block certain areas. Fall detection notifies us when a resident has fallen. With our staff bracelets, we can respond with the nearest staff member as quickly as possible. No buttons required to call for help, no search parties, no worrying.

Wake-up With Love Program

The “Wake-up with Love Program” at Kemper House Worthington tailored to set your loved one on the right path for the best day possible knowing they are among family, loved, and care for every morning.

Fitness Program

Not just a physical regiment specific to the needs of each resident. We incorporate brain health as well. By stimulating the mind during physical activity, we give you a chance to strengthen your body and your mind. Daily programming, fitness classes and diet plans are tailored to keep your loved one active and healthy.

Our Kitchen

Kemper House Worthington is always adding new recipes to our already great menus in order to transition to the MIND Diet. The MIND diet consists of 15 components, 10 healthy foods to consume daily or weekly, and 5 foods that should be limited. The foods highlight the nutrients and servings that have been demonstrated in study after study to protect the brain against oxidative stress and inflammation. These foods also help facilitate healthy brain function. All of our food is farm to table with no preservatives, no additives, no white flour, and no white sugar. All fresh ingredients. We strive to meet our resident’s dietary needs. Our goal is to make food that is not only good for your brain and body but tastes amazing as well


We offer cognitive assessments to residents and non-residents to help spread awareness about the need to take care of our brains. Everyone should be getting regularly checked for cognitive decline starting in their 40s in order to help prevent, slow, or treat various forms of dementia that may occur.

Exceptional Care Team

Our care team at Kemper House Worthington is specially trained and strives to help our residents live the best lives they can. We hire not just those with the expertise in medical knowledge, but also those with high emotional expertise to be able to relate with our patients and care for them on the highest level possible. Some things you just can't teach! That's why we hire people who already show a natural empathy and passion for care! We offer 24/7 nurse care including medication management, distribution and precision telehealth support.

Telehealth Program

Our Telehealth services at Kemper House Worthington work on a variety of levels for our residents. We first take a baseline of their health and use that to track changes in any of their physical health systems. Even small changes can mean something and this helps us manage health issues as early as possible. We also have access to medical professionals around the nation, 24/7, through the use of our Telehealth services to make sure quality care stays in our walls. All of this helps cut down on costly and challenging transportation to emergency rooms and hospitals, allowing our residents to stay where they feel safe.

Educational And Learning Programs

At Kemper House Worthington we offer support classes and events designed to help families learn more about caring for each other and a loved one with dementia. Heath and wellness topics related to general aging, Alzheimer’s and dementia are also available. Our goal is to help families through this transitional period and to educate them about this disease.

For general inquiries and more information, call us.