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The Importance of Sleep

In taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia, one of the most important aspects is sleep. For many with the disease, sleep is a difficult to regulate and can cause various stresses to the brain and on families who are trying to care for them. In this blog, we’d like to talk about circadian rhythm, how dementia can affect it, what difficulties this can present, and talk about one piece of technology that we believe can help.

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The Link Between Alzheimer’s and Diabetes

With as much as we know about Alzheimer’s, there is still so much that is a mystery to us. For one, the causes of Alzheimer’s are still undefined. While we know how Alzheimer’s and other dementia’s attack the brain, we don’t completely understand how or why it starts. New research has revealed what may be one of the causes of Alzheimer’s and gives us some hope in helping prevent the disease.

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Knowledge is Power: The Parts of the Brain

At Kemper House Central Ohio, we endeavor to learn more about Alzheimer’s and Dementia in order to increase the quality of our care. When we understand what is going on in the brain, we are better able to understand the stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia and how we can help. We aren’t the only ones who should understand, we want you to understand as well. In sharing information, we can help so many more seniors who suffer from these terrible diseases whether they are under Kemper care or living in their own home.

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Leading with Love: Don’t Forget, It is a Struggle

 The stressors and pain involved in a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are far reaching. For those who suffer from the effects, the world slowly peels away from them in small pieces until it all becomes unfamiliar and difficult to manage in a variety of ways. But one thing that cannot be overstated is the stress and toll that dementia can have on the family members and loved ones of the person who is suffering from cognitive impairment and memory loss.

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Kemper Kitchen: Here for the MIND

 It is impossible to overstate the importance of the effect of what we put in our bodies. Eating healthy meals is an easy way to care for our bodies, especially our heart and cognitive health. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing starches like pasta for wheat alternatives. Other times it’s a matter of specifically avoiding foods. At Kemper House, we provide a variety of meals that are geared specifically to taking care of our brains with numerous recipes that are sure to delight the taste buds.

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Blue Willow: Alleviating Our Biggest Fears

There are many challenges that come with taking care of someone suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. One of the biggest fears families face is a loved one wandering and getting lost. The term used most often for this is elopement and it refers to someone in a clinical setting leaving, whether on purpose or by accident, when they are not supposed to. While this happens for a variety of people, those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia are particularly at risk from this behavior. At Kemper House Central Ohio, we aim to curb elopement and limit the possible consequences in a variety of ways including using the latest technology in our facility.

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Leading With Love: Eating Healthy

By Greg Cini

We learned at an early stage in our family that what we put in our bodies can really impact our health. Throughout the years, we have had up to four generations living in our home. Everyone in the family has health problems that they need to overcome. Together, we have learned how to pay attention to what we are feeding our bodies and the importance of eating healthy. 

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Better Breakfast for a Better Day

We have all heard that eating breakfast is an important part of the day. For many of us, that has not stopped us from skipping breakfast regularly. But, that may change when you hear about all of the benefits a healthy breakfast can have on our health. At Kemper House Central Ohio, we ensure that our residents get a healthy breakfast every day. Eating a healthy breakfast can benefit our physical and cognitive health and give our residents their best chance for positive days. 

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Leading with Love: Caring at Home

I have always enjoyed interacting with seniors. I believe we can learn a lot from their stories and insights into life. My wife’s grandmother, Grandma Lilly, was no exception to this. I met her when I was 13 years old and I am lucky to have had a life time to learn from the way she moved through life and the stories she told. WhenGrandma Lilly came to live with us, she was already suffering from cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s. It was a hard reality for the family, but we were more than willing to adjust to give Grandma Lilly the life that she deserved.This required a lot of changes to our home to help Grandma Lilly navigate through the fog of her dementia and live a full and rich life.

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