Make Our Home, Your Home

Kemper House Worthington is a Specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Community that works to improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with memory impairment. Each resident has their own suite, similar to an apartment, and full access to common area amenities that are purposefully tailored to support the difficulties of living with varying degrees of cognitive impairment. We offer daily programs, fitness classes, and diet plans to keep our residents active and healthy. Our care and programming is all inclusive because we believe each of our residents deserves the best possible care. But most importantly, we believe in bringing love into caring for our residents and helping them feel at home.

    • Capable of supporting residents at any stage of cognitive impairment from early stages to end of life
    • Regular health check ins to address changes before they become problems
    • Our highly trained staff is picked based on the characteristics you can only be born with: compassion, empathy, and enthusiasm for care
    • Access to expert medical professionals 24/7 with our new Telehealth system
    • We keep our residents safe and secure with GPS tags using fresh technology with Blue Willow
    • A fitness program created for each resident based on specific physical needs
    • Music and Memory, a program built to enhance quality of life by bringing music into into the lives of our residents