Common Myths About Dementia Care

Kemper House WorthingtonYou’ve likely heard opinions and stories from others who were searching for a dementia care facility. While first-hand testimony can be helpful, it can also create inaccurate perceptions about memory care. Here are some common misconceptions and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: All Dementia Care is the Same

Dementia care is highly individualized. You can expect a unique living experience and patient-centered care plan that changes with your loved one’s needs. That includes their health and dietary needs, interests, activity level and engagement.

If necessary, they may also receive medical treatment and services in the comfort of their apartment, which can help ease their transition period and provide them with a sense of comfort and convenience.

Myth #2: Dementia Care Residents are Sedated

A holistic approach is required to address dementia effectively. That means getting to know an individual and understanding their needs, communication style and behavior. A specially trained staff that understands the nuances of their residents can spot trigger moments and redirect a resident safely and calmly without the use of medication.

Our staff is trained to provide stability and support to your loved one while redirecting their stress into engaging activities. We always strive to learn about each of our residents and their needs before we ever consider a pharmaceutical tactic.

Myth #3: Residents Lose Their Independence

Many residents enjoy a greater level of independence living in a dementia care community than when they lived at home. That’s because the building is structured to optimize their mobility with spacious hallways, clearly marked locations, emergency alert systems, grab bars and lots of natural light.

Our dementia care staff is also trained to support each resident’s optimal level of independence based on their capacity to complete tasks like dressing, bathing and eating. We allow residents to complete activities on their own and only assist if they require support. We’re constantly adapting the spaces around our residents to support their daily activities and provide them more independence.

Myth #4: Dementia Care Facilities are Institution-Like

Kemper House Worthington is designed to feel like home because it is home to our residents. That includes spaces for privacy and places to gather and meet friends. A welcoming environment is essential to your loved one’s quality of life and helps establish a relaxed atmosphere.

Myth #5: Dementia Care Residents are Isolated

Residents need to stay socially engaged when they’re living in a dementia care community. Kemper House Worthington maintains a robust activity schedule to keep seniors physically and mentally active and socially engaged.

We encourage residents to build relationships with their neighbors and care team, so they feel like this is truly their home. Family and friends are also welcome to join fun events and activities, and we encourage you as a family member to participate. We’re on this journey together and having family support and interaction is crucial to a vibrant community life.

Take a virtual tour of our facility or contact us online to schedule an in-person visit. We look forward to seeing you!