The Value of a Dedicated Memory Care Home

Every element of a great memory care facility is customized to provide optimal comfort for each resident. The staff members employ specialized care and activity programs to create a supportive environment for people living with dementia.

Expert Staff


The nurses and support staff have specialized training to assist residents living with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. Memory care staff consistently work with the same residents to create personal connections that improve residents’ quality of life.

Quality memory care facilities have dedicated teams who treat each resident like family. They provide attention to details that are unique to your loved one and work to maintain open communication about their needs and well-being.

Facility Design

The facility layout accommodates residents with varying physical capabilities. Wide walkways offer plenty of room for residents to move with ease. Wandering is a part of dementia, so thoughtful communities have smaller neighborhoods with central, private courtyards.

The circular floor plan allows residents to wander without getting frustrated by dead-end corridors. They will always end up back at the hub of activity. Other smart elements in purposefully built dementia communities include:

  • Dining rooms with group and private seating options
  • Family rooms
  • Activity spaces
  • Easy-to-find wellness stations

The paint on the walls, flooring, furniture and lighting are also customized to accommodate memory care residents as they transition into a new facility.

A Sense of Security

Wander management systems help keep memory care residents safe and comfortable and include features like:

  • Secure, interconnected corridors
  • Security alarms on external doors
  • Wearable locating devices with geofencing and tracking capabilities
  • Grab bars and in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways to reduce the risk of falls or injuries

At-Home Atmosphere

No detail is too small when it comes to memory care. Residents need structure to help them feel at ease while they make the switch to long-term care. A good facility infuses love into their culture and care to help residents feel at home.

Individuals with memory loss need an atmosphere with:

  • Minimal distractions and noises
  • Natural lighting
  • Secure indoor and outdoor spaces

Specialized Programming

Striving to maintain a routine to help each resident feel at home is paramount. Engaging in daily activities provides them social interactions to reduce the effects of isolation.

Memory care provides therapeutic programs for cognitive impairments and behavioral issues. There are also personalized programs that can be customized depending on the stage of memory loss. Family members are welcome to participate in outreach and engagement, which can help comfort loved ones.

Contact us to discuss your loved one’s needs and determine if a dedicated memory care home like Kemper House Worthington is the right fit.